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How to Make Freezer Jam

How to Make Freezer Jam

One thing I love about cooking from scratch is the peace of mind of knowing exactly what the ingredients are. You know how I am a a huge advocate of reading food labels. Did you know that most store-bought jellies, jams and preserves contain high-fructose corn syrup? I almost can guarantee that once you see how easy freezer jam is to make, AND how delicious it is, you will never want to store-bought jam again!

From start to finish, the jam making process takes about an hour. One. Hour. Recently I made strawberry freezer jam. You can get the recipe here. In 60 minutes, I washed, hulled, and sliced the berries. Washed the canning jars (I like to use wide mouth jars in jelly and pint size) and lids in hot soapy water. Combined and cooked the three ingredients. I removed the pot from the stove and allowed the mixture to settle for about 15 minutes before spooning into jars.

5 Tips for Freezer Jam

  1. Over medium heat, bring the jam mixture to a boil. Reduce heat to low and cook for about 30 minutes or until temperature on a candy thermometer reaches 220° F.
  2. Wash large mouth pint canning jars in hot soapy water.
  3. A large canning funnel makes filling jars easier.
  4. Leave one inch of space between the jam and top of jar.
  5. Cool completely before storing in refrigerator or freezer.

I put one jar in the refrigerator as it will keep for 30 days (which it never does). The remaining jars go in the freezer until time to use them. Thawing is easy. Simply put the jar in the refrigerator. Imagine pairing this delicious freezer jam with gluten-free French toast, pancakes, plain yogurt, a slice of bread topped with almond butter, or our favorite: homemade ice cream!

Freezer jam also makes a great homemade gift idea! Wrap a pretty ribbon around the jar for the perfect housewarming or thank you gift! Another great birthday gift idea is to make a loaf of your favorite gluten-free bread, tuck both the bread and jam in a basket with a pretty dish towel.

Click here to get my strawberry freezer jam recipe. It is fabulous over vanilla ice cream!

How to Make Freezer Jam

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